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Are You Suffering from TMJ Disorder?

TMJ Disorder (TMD) is more common than you think.  Between 30-50% of adults suffer from this dental condition.  But, because it has such diverse and seemingly unrelated symptoms, it often goes undetected.  Once diagnosed, it is easily treatable.

TMJ Disorder Diagnosis

Diagnosing TMJ Disorder starts with an interview.  As a practitioner, I ask probing questions that will help uncover signs and symptoms of the condition.  You can help with this process by completing the Self-Assessment Questionaire on our website.

In addition to the survey, there are quick and painless tests that can be done in our clinic.

Using our sophisticated diagnostic equipment to "listen" to your jaw (just like your doctor uses a stethoscope to listen to your heart and lungs), we can determine whether you have TMJ Disorder, and the extent to which it has become a medical issue.